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11 September 2023

Food & Beverages

Malaysian company looking for partners/agents in Philippines

A strong and growing Malaysian company specialized in manufacturing various types of halal crispy flour for use to fry chicken, tempura, banana fritters etc. The company was established since year 2001 and now looking for partners, importers and agents in Philippines.


Abu Hassan Ahmad

+6011 5333 7138

11 September 2023


Malaysian company looking for partners/agents in Philippines

A Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur involve in research, manufacturing, production, distribution and selling of halal pharmaceutical, OTC/dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and biopharmaceuticals products are seeking and interested partners/agents in Philippines.


Abu Hassan Ahmad

+6011 5333 7138


Our passion burns bright for empowering SMEs, no matter their size, to unlock their full potential. We understand that every business has its unique aspirations, and our team of experts is here to turn those dreams into reality.


With innovative and tailored solutions, we are your dedicated partners in achieving your goals. Whether you're seeking strategic guidance to chart a course for growth, looking to optimize your operations for peak efficiency, or aiming to harness the full power of technology, Angkasa Internationall JV is your steadfast ally in the journey to success.

What sets us apart is our commitment to humanizing processes. We don't just streamline operations; we make them more intuitive, more efficient, and ultimately, easier for you. Because we believe that when you're free from the complexities of business, you can focus on what truly matters—your vision and your customers.

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